About Us

We provide support for children with severe speech and/or language impairments, and are located at Even Swindon Primary School.  We work closely with the rest of the school, and this means that children are taught both in the Signal Box, and also in classes across the school.

Two speech therapists are based in the centre, and they deliver weekly intensive speech therapy to the children.  Staff from the Signal Box continue the support with daily one to one follow up activities and interventions.

We use real life experiences through trips and practical work at school wherever possible to provide a basis for developing language and confidence.

Some children with speech and language problems may also have other needs, such as co-ordination difficulties or emotional needs.  The centre takes a holistic approach to education and aims to cater for all these needs through personalised planning.

We also have an Outreach Team which supports children across Swindon who have identified difficulties in speech, language and/or communication.

Responsibility for placing and funding pupils in the centre lies with the local authority.

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