What Is Outreach

The teachers and two Specialist TAs from the Signal Box can visit other schools to give advice and recommend strategies to schools supporting children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs.

Some of the children we work with have Outreach cited in their Education, Health and Care Plans.

We also visit schools that contact us directly or children that speech therapists have contacted us about.

We are very happy for TAs and teachers to visit the unit to observe group sessions and to see resources and strategies for SLCN.

Our aim is to support practitioners with their SLCN practice. We are not speech therapists, but do liaise with the borough therapists about the individuals on the Outreach caseload.

We run courses throughout the year at the Signal Box.

We are setting up a new networking group to keep schools up to date with our news and for practitioners to share ideas and SLCN issues they come across.

Call Even Swindon School, 523041, to contact a member of our team.


Support given depends on the needs and requirements of each individual pupil.

Actions Expected/intended Outcomes
Visits to setting
Step 1 Telephone discussion between Outreach teacher and SENCo. Initial actions identified and exchange of information, e.g. name of speech and language therapist, parental agreement, etc.
Step 2 Allocated Outreach team member contacts child’s speech and language therapist Therapist’s view of suitable Outreach support for setting. Exchange of information/history.
Step 3 Visits to setting.

Outreach Practitioner visits to the setting

Areas of concern/ appropriate level of Outreach support identified. Advice and interventions suggested as appropriate to the child’s needs and setting.

Observe child, discuss concerns with supporting staff, identification of focus areas. Level of Outreach support discussed,.Number of planned visits confirmed. (Maximum 4.) Follow-up visits – Advice and interventions suggested as appropriate to the child’s needs and setting. Specialist TAs to model/suggest strategies and resources.

Last visit -Review Identify exit point/possible future contact.
Visits to the Signal Box
Training afternoons For staff to have the necessary skills and knowledge to help children develop speech, language and communication skills.

To share practice. To meet other practitioners supporting pupils with similar needs.

Observation visits to the SRP An increase in confidence and ability of practitioners to help children with SLCN. To increase awareness of strategies/resources.

To discuss concerns/targets with other TAs supporting SLCN.

Longer term support possibilities

Inreach for pupil.

For practitioners to observe and evaluate the pupil’s reactions to SLCN interventions available at the unit. For child to work with children with similar profiles.
Outreach admin.
Records Records or prepare reports concerning visits with pupils to share with school, parents SLTs and other agencies. Preparation of resources.
Team Meetings/feedback To share information/progress. To plan further support dates/times/length of Outreach work, and the roles of all concerned, including setting and Outreach team.

Children with Outreach cited on statements/EHC Plans will have individual packages.